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Classic Stone is a global natural stone provider committed to supply chain innovation with a quarry-to-project service approach – a unique process designed to meet vision-specific needs from stone sourcing and spec planning to product development and site application. We’ve taken control of the stone supply chain by forming exclusive partnerships in the global stone market and establishing operation arms that allow for unequaled global reach. Our process establishes operational ingenuity and has aligned our commitment to deliver inspiration fully realized.

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Our History

Driven by global market shifts and project-focused supply demands, in 2007 Classic Stone set out to redefine the standard of stone supply for large-scale commercial developers. A deviation away from mass-product distribution refocused our attention towards operational ingenuity. Step-by-step we identified and formed partnerships with the entire supply chain and global stone market. With new operations in place, we expanded our service offer and began building lasting partnerships by guiding our clients through our unique process. Since then, we’ve transformed ourselves from a small product distributor in the Midwest, to a global natural stone provider, and have aligned our commitment to deliver inspiration fully realized.


Our Sustainability

As a staunch advocate for Green Building and sustainability practices, we continually seek to minimize our impact on the environment and expand our sustainability practice through our products, services, and people. We’ve been a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council since 2010, and offer a variety of paving stones that comply with LEED standards to earn credits for projects aspiring to achieve certification. To learn more about our ‘green products’ and how you can incorporate them into your project, email our sustainability team leader today.



We've taken full ownership of the source to provide transparency and accountability from the quarry to the project.


Stone Lines

We carry 6 major stone lines and can provide both interior and exterior stone products for any project-specific need.


Sales Offices

We've established sales offices globally in order to meet the ever-expanding needs of our growing customer base.



Our service approach ingenuity delivers a customer direct 'quarry to project' solution all under one name.




The RPSS Advantage Model

We understand the mountain of decisions that must be made while creating, constructing, and transforming architectural spaces. So Classic Stone set out to redefine the experience of stone supply and eliminate the weight of typical trade-offs from the process.

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Classic Stone has redefined stone supply to offer an unparalleled experience for customers with vision-specific needs of every size and location. Our RPSS Advantage Model and quarry-to-project service approach were developed with you in mind, and our stone experts are ready to guide you every step of the way through the process. Take the first step today- get in touch.

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