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The RPSS Advantage Model & Service Approach

At Classic Stone, we carry generations of experience in large-scale development. So we understand, first-hand, the mountain of decisions that must be made while creating, constructing, and transforming architectural spaces. Driven by global market shifts and project-focused supply demands, we set out to redefine the standard of stone supply and eliminate the weight of trade-offs from the process.

We’ve developed the RPSS Advantage Model (Rock Paper Scissors Shoot) with a quarry to project service approach. Our unique process establishes operational ingenuity by replacing common pain points typically buried in the stone supply experience with advantages, every step of the way. We’ve taken control of the stone supply chain, and in doing so, have aligned our commitment to deliver inspiration fully realized.


selection & sampling

As natural stone experts, we appreciate stone in raw form, ready to take on the shape of your inspiration. We don’t own a man-made showroom stocked with a limited inventory of pre-fabricated products. Instead, we own exclusive partnerships with quarry sites all around the world. By establishing control over the supply chain, starting at the source, we’ve created a customer-direct service approach that eliminates the burden of guesswork from our process and provides unlimited transparency in its place.

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guidance & briefing

At Classic Stone, you won’t find a sales team pushing you to specify the best trade-off product in the catalog. Instead, you’ll meet the experience of a developer leading a team of quarry-to-project stone experts, whose knowledge extends far beyond a showroom. By taking control of the supply chain, we’ve backed our process with expertise. There’s no gap in our understanding of all the possibilities and considerations applicable to your vision-specific needs, so we’ll guide and support you in a way that generates partnership, rather than product sales, and remove the risk of costly oversight from the process.

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sourcing & fabrication

Apparently “they don’t make it like they used to,” but we must have missed that memo. At Classic Stone we’re focused on maintaining the integrity of your inspiration by providing quality stone products that meet vision-specific needs. Rather than choose between a compromising product or the contingencies of a third-party fabricator, we’ve established global sourcing and fabrication operations that control for quality and speed. By taking control over the supply chain, we’ve marked our process with efficiency, so the product you’ve specified arrives right on time and exactly as you envisioned.

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logistics & installation

We’ve designed a process to meet vision-specific needs, because we want to get to know you, and help develop something much bigger than a stone product in the end. Our operations aren’t dedicated to the mass production and distribution of a high-volume inventory, and so our commitment doesn’t end with the fulfillment of a shipment. Instead, we’ve taken control of the supply chain by establishing global logistics and installation arms that extend our accountability all the way to the square footage of your site’s development, when and where you need it the most.

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Transforming spaces one step at a time. 


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Classic Stone has redefined stone supply to offer an unparalleled experience for customers with vision-specific needs of every size and location. Our RPSS Advantage Model and quarry-to-project service approach were developed with you in mind, and our stone experts are ready to guide you every step of the way through the process. Take the first step today- get in touch.

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