Baku | Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum

In 2014, after six years of construction, the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum opened in the center of Baku at the Seaside National Park.

Designed by Austrian architect Franz Janz, the museum is one of the country’s most modern buildings and houses the largest collection of Azerbaijani carpets in the world.

The entrance and grounds of the museum are beautifully appointed, with lush gardens and an abundance of natural stone. Beige marble was used for the entrance steps, walkways, and an outdoor patio connected to the ground floor restaurant.

The property also features a pair of bridges that connect the museum to the adjacent park. The same stone was used for the wall cladding, pavers, stair treads, and copings on both bridges for continuity.

The museum welcomes thousands of visitors each year, offering unique exhibitions, events, and educational programs.

Square Feet

Exterior Stone


Ministry of Culture and Tourism


Architect: Franz Janz
Contractor: AIKON


Beige marble


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