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Spec Guidance & Briefing


The RPSS Advantage Model

We understand, first-hand, the mountain of decisions that must be made while creating, constructing, and transforming architectural spaces. Our approach to spec guidance and briefing intends to ease that experience. At Classic Stone, you won’t find a sales team pushing you to specify the best trade-off product in the catalog. Instead, you’ll meet the experience of a developer leading a team of quarry-to-project stone experts, whose knowledge extends far beyond a showroom. By taking control of the supply chain, we’ve backed our process with expertise. There’s no gap in our understanding of all the possibilities and considerations applicable to your vision-specific needs, so we’ll guide and support you in a way that generates partnership, rather than product sales, and remove the risk of costly oversight from the process.




We’ve used our experienced-based developer insight to build a team of stone experts that reflect the knowledge of the entire stone supply chain. That means the collective expertise of a developer, quarry owner, stone fabricator, and product installer are all fully available to you during the specifications stage of your project. We’ll recommend methods and procedures that maintain the full integrity of your inspiration, account for every relevant detail, and close all the gaps that allow room for oversight to affect your bottom-line.




At Classic Stone, you won’t experience a salesman’s conflicting interest rushing you through the specifications process. By taking control of the supply chain, we’ve aligned our commitment to deliver the realization of your inspiration, rather than push profits or product sales. Our team of stone experts can provide unbiased stone tests and application mockups that thoroughly consider every influence and factor that may compromise your project. We’ll back you with the measurable expertise of the entire supply chain and pave your development of specifications with confidence and partnership, rather than oversight.

Transforming spaces one step at a time. 


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Classic Stone has redefined stone supply to offer an unparalleled experience for customers with vision-specific needs of every size and location. Our RPSS Advantage Model and quarry-to-project service approach were developed with you in mind, and our stone experts are ready to guide you every step of the way through the process. Take the first step today- get in touch.

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